The Mechanical Dual Time Watch.

Perfect for travellers.

The Time Master.


Affordable Mechanical

Dual Time Watch

In a world that we live in, where there are many choices, we were not just going to simply design on the surface of a mass marketed movement. Instead, we have taken things to another level in the affordable watches category by modifying the way the watch is being presented. Something that is done by luxurious watches who have the flexibility to do so with their resources but not so for smaller sized brands. We are very proud of the latest timepiece which has a second timezone function, perfect for travellers all around.

History of the GMT complication


The GMT watch was created in the 1950s as the travelling industry grew and more pilots frequently travelled longer distances over multiple timezones.

This complication allowed users to keep track of 2 different timezones.

One modification we have done is the presentation of the second timezone. As we felt the traditional second timezone might be a little complicated to the eye, we decided to simplify things by turning the Second Timezone hand into a rotating disc with 24 hours on it instead. This modification took a year of prototyping to its perfect form.


Design Concept.

We had simplified the traditional presentation of the GMT/UTC complication and combine it with design cues from automobiles. However, we were not just going to design it from any automobiles. Instead, we decided that by referencing to iconic cars of the 1950s, was the best way to go to design a watch whose movement was also created in the same period.

Design inspiration from odometers to leather seats of iconic automobiles of the 1950s were used to create a beautiful blend in a timepiece which breathes the same air as that of those vintage iconic automobiles.

You could even picture yourself wearing a Don Kylne Timemaster and being in the driver seat of those vintage beautiful 1950s automobiles.






  • Watch case: 316L Stainless Steel

  • Watch size: 40.5mm

  • Crystal: Double Domed Sapphire with Anti Reflective coating inside

  • Lume: C3 lume hands

  • Water resistance: 50m

  • Movement: Hangzhou 6460 GMT. Hacking Seconds. 28,800bph

  • Power reserve: Approximately 40hours

  • Strap: Customised genuine leather groove straps with curved spring bars

  • Buckle: Single Deployant clasp which hides strap inside

  • Dial: Double layer Dial

  • Warranty: 1 year

Don Kylne &Co. started with the idea of introducing timepieces that are designed with cues from past glorious eras with distinctive design features. Being watch enthusiasts and collectors, the direction of the brand is to introduce practical complications from the luxurious watch industry with our distinctive approach and make it affordable to the masses without compromising on quality.