The difference between Vintage & Modern Designs

As many would say humans are critically flawed. However, humans are designed perfectly to be flawed. With flaws come character. Over here at Don Kylne &co, we love vintage designs and one of the reasons we do, is because of the character that exudes from the design. With the limitation of technology then, you may be able to find lines that are not flushed as well as they should be. In our current era where technology has improved tremendously, lines are flushed, as straight as they can be, as clean and simple as they can possibly be. While current or future designs provide a clean solution, we feel that it takes away a certain characteristic and makes design as a whole look pretty soul-less. As a result, we love things that are designed with a certain character. Like a vintage ford mustang compared to the current mustangs in the market.

As with old school typewriters compared to modern keyboards. What is your take on this?

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